LAVA pellets are defined by their high qualitywhich we can guarantee through the use of our own sawdust in the manufacturing process. We have full control over our sawdust quality and composition.  The pellets are manufactured only from the use of sawdust from coniferous trees (pine, spruce) which is characterized by a high level of cohesiveness, and the pellets made from it are of a bright colour.  The previously used drying drum, with a drying temperature of approx. 400°C, has been replaced by a state of the art belt dryerwith a drying temperature of up to 100°C.

Result: the partial burning of the pellet material, and its contamination with soot or flue gases is avoided. The binder is not burned out and this facilitates the process of granulation.

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Environmentally friendly

LAVA pellets are environmentally friendly – CO2 emissions during combustion are equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by a tree during its growth, which means that no additional CO2 is released.

  • very good calorific value (at least 5.5 kWh/kg in dry conditions),
  • very low ash content (<0.5%),
  • minimum emissions of sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances,
  • humidity up to 8%.

High Quality

Regular checks maintain the high quality of our products which is guaranteed by the FSC standard.

LAVA pellets are offered in standard-sized bags of 15 kg.

PLEASE NOTE: During transport and storage the product should be protected from moisture. Use after unpacking, only in equipment intended for the stated purpose.

NOTICE: During transport and storage, protect the product from moisture. Use after unpacking, only in the facilities provided for this purpose.

Did you know...

Stelmet S.A. is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of garden landscape architecture, our experience and excellence in the use of wood can guarantee the quality and consistent heating properties of the pellets we produce.

Every pallet-load of Olimp pellets is protected by a white cap through which UV radiation cannot pass, thus preventing our pellets from darkening.


The Olimp product was the first high quality woodpellet in Poland with the certification ENplus A1

Pellets can be used to heat large public buildings, such as: housing associations, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and swimming pools. They are also used in bakeries and pizzerias.

Pellets made of softwood may perform better than hardwood pellets due to their resin content which acts as a natural binder.

You need a great deal more poor-quality pellets to generate the same amount of heat as high-quality pellets which come with a quality certificate.

By upgrading from an oil boiler to a pellet burner you can save in excess of 60% of heating fuel costs?

To heat a single family house you need approx. 5-8 tonnes of pellets per year in the heating season. This rate of consumption depends on floor area, insulation and boiler efficiency.



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